About  Bat Island

Our center makes special expeditions (seasonal) to the Islas Murciélagos (Bat Islands), an archipelago that is formed of 5 main islands.

The Bat Islands belong to the National Park of Santa Rosa, which gives a great importance to its diversity because it is a protected area, and you can appreciate both the beauty of the sea and of the archipelago.

Within Costa Rica it is considered one of the most attractive points to visit for diving but is a site where only advanced divers are allowed due to the depths. Here we can find the different types of rays like the Eagles, Southern and the striking giant Manta, schools of fish including grunts and damsels in addition to octopuses and endless pelagic and benthic animals.

The Bats are most famous for the chances of seeing the Bull sharks, although other shark species can also be sighted.

Bat Islands Photos