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Catalina Islands

The Catalina Islands are a formation of volcanic pinnacles in the Costa Rican North Pacific Ocean, they are located 6 miles to the west of Flamingo.

Bat Island

Our center makes special expeditions (seasonal) to the Islas Murciélagos (Bat Islands), an archipelago that is formed of 5 main islands.

Brumel Islands

Islas Brumel is an island located north from Bahia Potrero closed to the coast than Catalinas making it a more sheltered area.

North Coast

Protected by the mainland, almost in front of the Brumel Islands. A number of different sites offering some of the most beautiful places to snorkel.

Isla de la Plata

Isla Plata is one of the larger islands.  Most of the island is inaccessible from the sea because of a fringing shelf of very rough rocks and cliffs at the shore.

Punta Sabana

The most southerly of our destinations, rocky walls and bays offering calm and clear waters.


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