Isla de la Plata

Isla Plata is one of the larger islands.  Most of the island is inaccessible from the sea because of a fringing shelf of very rough rocks and cliffs at the shore.

Located in front of Flamingo, it forms a channel that separates the Bay of Flamingo and the Bay of Potrero, by barely 100 meters.
Despite being so close to the coast, this island offers an interesting dive consisting of differently structured areas around the island.
It is a well-known spot for locals as a nesting/breeding area of blacktip sharks, it is a great area for macro species with many nudibranchs having been found in the area.
The snorkelers are very happy to explore this island with it being a natural channel it is normal to find many species of small size and bright colors.
During our private sunset/beach tour, this is often the spot chosen to see the last rays of the sun, offering spectacular views.

Isla de la Plata Photos