North Coast

Protected by the mainland, almost in front of the Brumel Islands. A number of different sites offering some of the most beautiful places to snorkel.

Located to the north of the Bay of Potrero, we can find different islands and rocky coastal formations providing isolated shallow dives full of marine life.

Bonsai Island, Playa del Amor, Bird Island, Zapotal, Guacamaya and Guacamayita are some of the highlights.

When the Papagayo winds make it difficult to dive in the Catalinas Islands, this naturally more sheltered area offers more tranquil waters out of the rougher open ocean, practically all year round.

It is an ideal destination for both snorkelers and divers since these rocky coastal formations offer shallow spots full of colorful fish, echinoderms and sponges, as well as larger marine life in some areas.

Possibilities of spotting sea turtles or listening to whales during the dive may be some of the delights offered.

North Coast Photos