Punta Sabana

The most southerly of our destinations, rocky walls and bays offering calm and clear waters.

This destination is located at the end of the Bay of Brasilito, by the end of Puerto Viejo, it is a a rocky point that plunges into the ocean.
Also known by local divers as “Jurassic”, it is a location chosen only in those cases where conditions are very uncomfortable in the Catalinas Islands.
The formation and situation of this site offers a simple, quiet and ideal dive for divers without much experience.
It is a common destination for sea turtles during the mating season, as well as a shark breeding area, so seeing these species is possible in Punta Sabana dive sites.
The snorkelers can travel along stretches of the wall that extends from Puerto Viejo to Punta Sabana, arriving at the famous Lagunita, known for being full of life of small size marine life: Bivalves, Sponges, Starfish, Puffers or large schools of Small tropical fish.

Punta Sabana Photos